If You are Not Advertising Your Business On Facebook In 2020, Then You’re Sure Leaving Money On The Table!

With over 1.7 Billion daily active users, Facebook remains an incredible opportunity for local businesses to take advantage of.

Whether you own a clinic or run a beauty salon, all your customers are currently  hanging out on Facebook. 

And with our proven Facebook advertising strategy, we can locate and put your offer and services right before their face!

Its Either You Get Your Business Online Or Your Competitor Will Beat You At It

Brands like Samsung, Amazon, and even Microsoft spends millions of dollars on Facebook advertising every single year… And guess what, these budgets are constantly on the rise because it works!

…Not To Shock You But Even Google Advertises On Facebook

Don’t Be Left Out!

But wait a minute!

Using such a massive and flexible system can’t be anywhere near easy.

The learning curve is just too wide!… learning will require so much time, energy, a huge budget, testing, optimize and retest… And not so many persons can scale such a curve!

Even freelance facebook ADS guys out there can’t give you a guarantee that their campaigns are always profitable… And if not profitable, of what use would it be??

Fortunately, we can help you!

Yes! We can help you scale your business using Facebook advertising beyond what you’ve ever thought possible!!

We’ve been doing this for years and have helped so many businesses like yours scale up remarkably. When it comes to Facebook advertising, experience counts and that’s why we boast of numerous happy and satisfied clients whose businesses we’ve grown.

We have developed a winning facebook advertising strategy we implement exclusively for our client. Through thorough and rigorous testing added with our wealth of experience over the years, we’ve mastered the art of running profitable facebook campaigns.

Facebook changes every day and we’ve learned to change with it. With our team of Facebook ad experts, we are constantly researching, testing and optimizing our strategy to ensure we are up to date and deliver massive ROAS for all your marketing campaigns.

Meta Advertisng

We're not selling a space on your page - we're selling your audience's attention

We measure the same way you do

We understand that measuring success is personal. You may be looking for more traffic, greater sales leads or increased local check-ins via meta services like facebook and instagram. Whatever your goal is, you'll see the same data in our reports as in yours.

No one should have all the fun

OneFAN is not just for one type of business or industry — we cover all types of social media marketing and advertising campaign needs across any industry and size. Our team can provide you with an effective and customized roadmap to meet your goals and objectives.

Gain more insight into Meta Ad spend

We'll optimise your campaigns to get you the most bang for your buck. No more guessing if you're wasting budget on the wrong campaigns.

Optimised marketing from start to finish

We'll create the perfect campaign, run it, and report back to you on how it's performing. We'll do all the heavy lifting for you so you can rest easy knowing that your campaign is in good hands.

Campaigns that gently do the work for you

Gain more insight into Meta Ad spend

Let us do the heavy lifting for your Meta marketing campaigns. Our team of experts at OneFAN take care of everything from audience targeting to conversion forms, ensuring you get the best results.

Endless possibilities

We offer a variety of packages to suit your needs from basic to premium, so you can choose the one that best meets your needs and budget.

Get started in 15 minutes

It's never been easier to create an effective Facebook ad campaign with our simplified interface. Choose one of our packages and we'll have it up and running in no time.

Represent Your Brands

with Stunning Facebook,Instagram and LinkedIn Ads.

Our Flexible advertising costs

Management Fees

Our social media advertising cost ranges from $400-$600 per month on average. This price varies based on the amount of advertising channels. Please note that this price is our fee to manage your advertising campaign. It includes the development, management, and optimization of your campaign. It does not include any advertising dollars to run paid ads on social media. It does, however, compensates us for the time it takes to manage your campaign. You will have a well-trained and experienced social media manager assigned your account who will run your campaign and report the results directly to you. The value of this service is that it will save you time, money, and allow you to focus on more important aspects of your business.

Advertising Dollars

You must have an advertising budget if you use our social media advertising services. We do not bill you for your advertising budget, but will develop and manage your advertising campaign. We recommend spending at least $300 on any paid advertising campaign to build traffic and conversions. However, typically the more you spend, the more results you will get. We have many clients who spend thousands of dollars on traffic and conversion advertising campaigns. We will consult you through this process once you sign-up with us.


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Our Facebook and Instagram advertising costs are completely customizable to fit your business.

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